Your time will soon come- Momoh, Kalil


Kalil Agogo, a veteran wrestler and Philip Momoh an Olympian have both urged young wrestlers to wait for their time as they are time bomb ready to explode.

They both disclosed this during the 3 day All Africa Games (AAG) trials in Abuja.

Commending the performance of the young and less experience wrestlers at the AAG trials, Philip Momoh said it is certain that in some couple of years the boys will take over.

‘With what I saw this young wrestlers’ display on the mat, if care is not taken the older wrestler will be sent on compulsory retirement’, Momoh said.

While Kalili Agogo said the young wrestlers have proven to the bigger boys that it is not business as usual.

The revelations of the tournament were in Grecco Roman as duo, Alfred Parkistan (59Kg) and Tochukwu Okeke displayed wrestlers in camp.

Alfred Parkistan (59Kg) was invited to camp immediately he defeated Moronye Christopher in the Grecco Roman final.


Alfred Parkistan (Champion Grecco Roman 59Kg)


Tochukwu Okeke (Champion Grecco Roman 75Kg)


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