New Sports Minister urges directors, other staff to develop passion for sports development

Swearing in
The new Minster of Youth and Sports , Solomon Dalong, has enjoined directors and other staff of the ministry to have passion for sports development in the country.

Dalong gave the charge on Thursday in Abuja while addressing the directors on assumption of duty at the National Stadium.

He reminded them the need to show love and care for fellow Nigerians in the spirit of brotherhood.
Importantly is that every other person should have passion for his country. You must develop that passion for your country because God did not give you alternative country.
The next one is you must also have love for the next human being around you because his presence around you is not by accident, it is divine.

“A neighbour cannot be your brother; a neighbor is that person who is not having any relationship with you, that is why he is called a neighbour.
`If we don’t have peace then it means that the product from whatever we have manufactured here is what we are seeing reflecting.

“ Because it is only sports in Nigeria that unite Nigerians, Even on the day that Nigeria is playing, in places where there are serious conflicts going on there is a natural cease fire, in honour of our players.

“And Nigerians will unite and watch and they will not want to listen to anything contrary to victory.
`In this business, nobody will be small and nobody will be too big. The irony of our perception of leadership is that some are very big, some are small.

“And small people are seen as if they have nothing to contribute except to take orders, to me, it is an error.

“In my thinking, you cannot think better than the person you intend to improve his welfare and condition.

“In leadership I so much want to adopt the reverse pyramid structure, leaning more on the best for the riding, opinions and ideas and then taking decisions so that it can impact positively.
`And that is why my philosophy is that anything you are doing, the success can only be measured with how many people around the bottom of the pyramid that benefits.

“If the percentage is very low then you have failed but if it is high then you have succeeded.”
Earlier, the Director-General of the National Sports Commission, Al-Hassan Yakmut, pledged maximum support to the new minister as part of steps to uplift sports in the country.


Four Weightlifters await NSC on Olympic Qualifier

A Member of the Board of the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation (NWF), George Aluo, has appealed to the National Sports Commission (NSC) to approve for four of Nigeria’s weightlifters to attend an Olympic qualifying championship in Houston, U.S.A.

Aluo, who is the chairman of the media committee of the federation, told NAN yesterday that the championship would hold in Houston, Texas, from Nov. 20 to Nov. 28.

He said the NWF sent its proposals to the NSC for funds but had yet to receive any positive feedback from the commission. He did not however, mention the amount involved.

Aluo noted that four weightlifters, comprising two male and two female are in camp as part of the preparations for the qualifiers.
“The NSC is aware of our planned participation in the qualifiers, and the proposal has since been submitted but up till now we have not heard from them.

Meanwhile, training has been in top gear with two male and two female lifters in camp. Although they are experienced but heard from the grapevine that only two of them could be considered.

“We will appreciate prompt and positive response from the NSC because the event is almost at hand and once the funds are available, it will help us to tidy up arrangements,’’ he said.

Aluo, urged that weightlifting be given priority, as the sport had in the past, made the nation proud at international competitions.
“Even at the recently held 11th African Games in Brazzaville, Congo, all four weightlifters currently in camp won gold medals.

“ I am optimistic that they will reproduce the same again if given adequate support,’’ he added.

He said that two lifters, two coaches, a physiotherapist, NWF president and secretary would be expected to make up the delegation to the event.

The competition in the USA is being organised by the International Weightlifting Federation as one of the last qualifying competition for the 2016 Olympic Games, which will take place in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.