Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) to stage event in Nigeria

Pro Wrestling Africa 1

Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) will be partnering with the Delta State government to have a great wrestling event in Nigeria showcasing African wrestlers of appreciable repute from Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Congo DRC, and Angola.

In a statement made available by Secretary General, Pro Wrestling Africa, Olusesan Olukoya said the event will take place at the indoor sport hall, Asaba stadium March, 6th 2016.

He said The World should look in to Africa when it comes to Pro Wrestling, because Wrestling began from Africa.

He hailed the current African Heavyweight Pro Wrestling Champion, a Nigerian named Mr. Peace “Powerlee de Great” who won this great title on the 19th of September 2015 in Yaounde Cameroon.

It will be recalled that Mr. Peace “Power Lee De Great” who reigned supreme in Yaoundé, Cameroon in Central Africa defeated Michel Noudem to become the PWA African wrestling heavyweight champion.

He said  Africa has what it takes to meet with the standard of WWE, TNA and any other body in the World, Mr. Peace “Powerlee de Great” an example.

Wrestlers like Flying Dragon (Egypt), the Wolf (Cameroun) Marvelous Buffalo (Angola Champion) amongst others

Olukoya said they have 18 nations currently under Pro Wrestling Champion (PWA).



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