Pro Wrestling League; Adekuoroye cruises with Mumbai Garuda to S/finals.

Revanta Mumbai Garuda’s two times Africa champion Odunayo Adekuoroye routed Dilli Veer’s Liliya Horishna 10-0 in 53kgcategory bout to marshal her team into the semi-finals at the inaugural Pro Wrestling League in New Delhi on Monday.

Nigeria’s World Champion bronze medalist Odunayo Adekuoroye (53kg) looked on a mission in her bout against another world bronze medalist Ukrainian Liliya Horishna.

Adekuoroye who has gained fame in the ongoing PWL for entering arena with dance moves, Odunayo displayed aggression in the first round and even before her opponent could understand what was happening, the Mumbai wrestler had soared to a 6-0 lead.

Liliya’s helplessness was more evident in the second round as Odunayo continued her onslaught to win 10-0.

In the 69kg-category encounter, Adeline was in her elements from the beginning and showed door to her opponent Nikki in the first round itself when she forced the Dilli wrestler to fall.

For Mumbai’s Georgian Giorgi Sakandelilidze, the 125kg-category contest was a stroll into the park as it took him only 47 seconds to pulverise Dilli’s Krishan Kumar 10-0 on technical superiority.

Mumbai, trailing 1-2 at one stage in their ‘home’ leg since their base is also Delhi, turned the tables on Dilli with emphatic victories of Giorgi Sakandelilidze (125kg), Odunayo Adekuoroye (53kg) and Gray, who all won 10-0.

Dilli’s marquee player Vinesh Phogat (48kg) dominated the bout from the word go against her cousin Ritu Phogat and came out winner with an impressive 8-0 scoreline despite been ill.



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