NTF board insists Margaret Binga is President

Margaret Achibi

The Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF) board has reaffirmed that factional President Margaret Binga is its valid president after the impeachment of embattled president GM George Ashiru on December 12 by six (6) board members.

In a statement signed by seven of the NTF board members, the two times Africa Champion and international referee, Margaret Binga is the recognized president while GM Ashiru remains a board member.

It stated that a document containing the “Sins” of the impeached president (Ashiru) has been forwarded to the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Commission.

Some of the allegations includes holding only four meetings in two and half years instead of 12 required by the code of governance, shielding financial transactions of the federation from other concerned board members, not carrying the board members along amongst others.

It will be recalled that a board member of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, Alhaji Ado Garko in Kano said the impeachment of President Taekwondo Federation, GM George Ashiru “Stands” adding that the process was in accordance with the law.


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