NTF Impeachment Saga, NTU Drums Support for Ashiru ….. Says Impeachment Process Lack Merit

GM George Ashiru

The Northern Nigerian Taekwondo Union has thrown his weight behind the embattled president of Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, NTF, George Ashiru as the recognized head of the federation.

The body, which is a strong arm of Taekwondo family in the country gave their position after their stakeholders forum meeting noted that for the sports (Taekwondo) to move forward, an experienced one like Ashiru is still very much needed.

According to a statement signed by Abdulmumini Yusuf on behalf of the group, the NTU said the process of impeachment to usurp GM Ashiru lacked merit and didn’t conform with the requirement just as they called on the Taekwondo family in the country to rally round the sports as it aimed to have an excellent outing at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The full statement:

Having studied, with due consultations, the scenario that unfolded recently on the impeachment saga of the President of Nigerian Taekwondo Federation, GM George H. Ashiru, we, the concerned leaders of thought in Northern Nigerian Taekwondo Forum, have deliberated on the issue and resolved as follows:

I) That as an entity with no less than 500,000 practitioners and one of the few sports in the Nigerian Olympic Committee, the Nigerian Taekwondo Federation is populated by individuals with versed experience and divergent views on how to move Taekwondo forward.

II) That in view of these intrinsic complexities, it is only normal that disagreements may occur in our quest to make Taekwondo more enviable.

III) That as practitioners and, indeed, members of the constituted board, we have the inalienable rights to right the wrongs; to point out what we feel are anomalies in the activities of NTF. 

However, as professionals and the elitist members of the Art, civility demands that we do so with decorum and the spirit of comradarie, taking into cognisance, the etiquettes of Taekwondo that stand us out from others.

iv) That the members of the board that carried out the impeachment move failed to follow due process in executing their action ( assuming they were right).

 In view of the foregoing, we lend our voice in expressing our concern on the unfortunate incident (the impeachment) as it lacks merit. 

Accordingly, we call on all stakeholders; athletes, coaches and, indeed, the entire membership of the NTF board to close their ranks and work towards sustaining the achievements recorded by GM Ashiru. 

Specifically, we call on all and sundry to refocus our attention on the coming Rio 2016. 

It is our belief that we will surpass our past Olympic records if we work in unison.

In the same vein, we appeal that henceforth, any individuals or groups that whenever they feel aggrieved about certain undoings of the President, or any other person for that matter, should exhaust all diplomatic avenues before resorting to impeachment.

Finally, we would stand with the decision of the Government as the final arbitrator. 

A stitch in time, save nine, as the saying goes.

Happy New Year! 


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