World Shotokan Karate-do Federation (WSKF) Nigeria and ASKA holds successful Seminar in Port Harcourt

WSKF and ASKA collaboration

World Shotokan Karate-do Federation (WSKF) Nigeria in collaboration with Allstars SHOTOKAN karate Association (ASKA) in Port Harcourt ran a seminar on the 20th Feb, 2016 at the Shell Club, with guest instructor Bobby Bamgboye Sensei , assisted by Edward Obi Sensei and resident instructor Charles Mezie-Okoye as well as Bobby Rak Sensei.

The seminar kicked off with introductions and a warm up and stretching by Charles Mezie-Okoye Sensei before Bobby Bamgboye Sensei began teaching various kihon waza – starting with moving through the basic stances with an emphasis on the correct position of the back leg and thrusting it forward when moving from stance to stance (from zenkutsu-dachi to kiba-dachi, to kokutsu-dachi to renoji-dachi to neko-ashi-dachi ).

This was done as one  combination,  then moved to some advance waza which included quite a few spinning waza  (Spinning uraken) which was a bit challenging because spinning was performed in different directions depending on the waza before the spin and having to do multiple spins within a combination.

Pre arranged kumite followed using the waza and spinning movement  as used in the kihon practice,  once this was understood and used correctly the kumite was changed to free style using only the waza and spinning taught previously.

Bassai Sho was then broken down and emphasis was placed on the theme of the kata with a lot of importance placed on the hip position, once the class could remember the sequence, it was done quite few times speed and power in small groups while the rest of the class watched and was corrected under the watchful eye of Charles & Bob Sensei.

The second part of the session saw Bobby Bamgboye Sensei doing a fun packed partner warm up and then partner stretching using the PNF method, this method of stretching  is “contracting  a muscle with the aim of increasing its ability to stretch” (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular  Facilitating) also known as “Contraction Relaxation Stretching” this was followed with open hand waza ( shuto, haito, nukite, teisho strikes) in heiko-dachi stance,standing, then performed in a combination with different hands.

Then moved on to kicking basic mawashi geri and then on to advanced gyaku mikazuki geri which is not frequently used,  gyaku mikazuki geri was shown and practiced in kihon and kumite, with emphasis on the hip position before and during the kick, the target area and  ensuring that the haisoku is used and the understanding that the kick is a snap (keage) and not a thrust (kekomi) and how very effective it is in self defense and in kumite.


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