Nigeria Taekwondo Black Belt College at 30 by GM Geroge Ashiru


NTBBC at 30

On March 28, 2016, in Lagos, the current exco led by Grandmaster George Ashiru, will hand over formally to the next generation leaders to continue in the wonderful work of supporting the promotion of Taekwondo in Nigeria.

Early 1986, after several months of consultations among the pioneers and leaders of Nigerian Taekwondo, it was decided that Taekwondo haven become a potential Olympic demonstration event for Seoul 1988 Nigerian Taekwondo should have a body fully representative of the modern ideology of Taekwondo.

Prior to this, the Nigerian United Taekwondo Association (NNTA) had been formed in the early 1980s by Messrs Bassey Dominic, Kofi Anani, and Kunle Labinjo, co-opting Naval Officer Kola Olukotun and Masters Abraham Papafio and Elias Awad.

In 1984, as a counter to NNTA, Master Pius Ilukhor formed the Nigeria United Taekwondo Association (NUTA) nominating Master Emmanuel Ikpeme as President and other young principal leaders, including George Ashiru, Francis Eyo amongst other.

At that time Masters Kim Moo Cheon and Jung Rae Park had settled and were teaching new Kukkiwon styled forms in Zaria at the Army formations. Master Kim later moved to the Ikeja military Cantonment and began teaching civilians.

Master Kim after several meetings with leaders and pioneers of Taekwondo of the two bodies recommended a merger of the two in order to get WTF and Kukkiwon support.

In the first quarter of 1986 the leaders of both movements met at the Lawn Tennis Courts of the National Stadium Lagos, hosted by NSC staff Mr Babatunde Edunjobi.

After several depositions on the need for unity and technical progress of Taekwondo the name Nigeria Taekwondo Black Belt College/Committee was adopted and Master Kim Moo Cheon accepted as Chief Instructor.

Master Pius Ilukhor suggested Master Kofi Anani as President, with Babatunde Edunjobi General Secretary. Edunjobi was to be assisted by messrs Wole Gege and Michael Ugboko.

George Ashiru was nominated as PR of the College for that period as a result of the strategic work of the NTBBC, the Taekwondo Association of Nigeria was formed later in 1986 and was inaugurated as the WTF Member National Association in 1987 by the NSC.

NTBBC in 1986

Over the past 30 years the College has grown to become the home of Taekwondo black belts all over the nation. The College has democratically elected leaders averagely every six years.

The Presidents of the NTBBC have been, GM Kofi Anani, Comrade Uche Chukwumerije, GM Charles Owah, GM George Akinola, GM George Ashiru.

The current President-Elect is Master Uzoma Onwuchekwa, Secretary Generals have been Messrs Babatunde Edunjobi, Michael Ugboko, Tayo Max Adewalure, Tunji Akinwande, and Gbolahan Ogunmuyiwa while the current SG-Elect is Master Yemi Adeyemi.

The constitution of the NTBBC provides for distribution of principal officers from across the length and breadth of the nation.

The NTBBC introduced proper membership ID cards and certificates for the first time.

The NTBBC introduced the NTBBC Dan and Instructor certification system with Kukkiwon endorsed syllabus and cooperated with the Kukkiwon on other projects as well as the Korean Cultural Centre in Abuja for Kick-master seminars as well as the Korean Ambassador Championships.

The NTBBC has ensured many Taekwondo instructors through the Legacy Series and Special Legacy Series seminars were introduced to the latest Kukkiwon standards in training and instructions.

More than 1000 certificates have been issued for such seminars in the past few years. The NTBBC also introduced the Annual Leadership Seminar with emphasis on re-branding Taekwondo as a modern professional activity with quality leaders and instructors.

NTBBC College

The future of the NTBBC is secure because of the continued participation of the pioneers and Taekwondo leaders in her affairs and the democratic methods of inclusive and open governance as well the promotion of high martial arts values, ethics, tenets, and philosophies.


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