2016 National Sports Festival May not hold

National Sport Festival 2016

A member of the National Council on Sports has said the National Sports Festival may not hold in 2016.

It will be recalled that 8- 21st November, 2016 was announced at the Closing day of the Extra-Ordinary National Council on Sports meeting held at the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, Calabar, Cross River State on February 14th, 2016.

According to the director of sport, the National Sport Commission (NSC) which ought to be the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) have been sent packing and the man (DG) who is a sport technocrats transferred to a ministry where he is rendered useless.

National Sports Festival

The director said those who should have guided the minister are no longer available stressing that the former DG lived all his life in the sporting atmosphere.

He noted that by now, letters for zonal elimination should have reached various states for team sports but up till now, no state is sure whether they will get those letters

Across the federation catalogue of salaries are being owed by the state government, ‘do you expect the coaches and the sport directors to steal? No; it is what the government gives us that we will work with; He said.

He added that the economic situation has crippled the activities of various associations and that no national sporting program is being put in place as some states are not prepared.

Like in my state, due to the consistent postponement of the sports festival, we have not been able to organize intra- state competition and these athletes train daily.

He concluded that he is confident that the scrapped National Sports Commission will be revived.





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