BREAKING; 2016 Rio Olympics:  Flame enters Brazil ahead of Rio Games

Olympics Flames

The Olympic flame has arrived in Brazil for the start of a torch relay that will culminate with the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio in August.

It was flown inside a small lantern on a special flight from the Swiss city of Geneva to Brasilia.

President Dilma Rousseff lit the Olympic torch which will be carried around Brazil by 12,000 runners.

But it could be one of President Rousseff’s last public acts ahead of a possible impeachment trial.

The Senate is expected to vote next week on whether proceedings against her should go ahead.

If a simple majority votes in favour, Rousseff will be suspended from office for up to 180 days and Vice-President Michel Temer will take over.

Ms Rousseff is accused of manipulating government accounts ahead of her re-election in 2014.

She has denied the charges and says the impeachment proceedings are a “coup d’etat” designed to remove her Workers’ Party from office.



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