International Arm Wrestling Championship; Traore is the champion of champions

Arm Wrestling in Mali

Mali’s Sibiri Traore also know as Superman emerged champion at the first  International Arm Wrestling Championship in Bamako, Mali after defeating fellow country man Mamadou Sylla aka the German in the highly rated bout.

The Malian Arm Wrestling Federation (FMBS) boasting two weight categories and overseen by Willy Deneumostier, secretary general of the sport’s global body, formed in 1977.

Traore and Mamadou fought it out with arms seemingly cut from rock at championship.

The game was a matter of seconds, biceps straining and trembling until Traore released his grip from Sylla’s planted hand before basking in the crowd’s adulation.

It was only one of Traore’s victories that day.

The Malian arm wrestling association has existed since 2001. Its claimed membership of 250 shows the sport may have some way to go before threatening football for spectators.

Competitor Hadji says it is a matter of organisation that African nations must resolve if they are to rival the likes of Russia, whose contestants dominate the world of arm wrestling.





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