Pro Africa Wrestling heavy weight champion, Power Lee TARGETS THE WORLD

Pro Wrestling Africa Godspower and Olusesan

Pro Africa Wrestling heavy weight champion, Godspower Ikpide aka Power Lee is set to showcase himself in the Unites States of America (USA).

The Secretary General of the Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA), Olusesan Olukoya said arrangements has been concluded by Pro Wrestling Africa, with Alabama in US based Central All Stars Wrestling Championship, an affiliate of Allied Independent Wrestling Federation (AIWF).

Olukoya is of the view that Power Lee would be a good ambassador of African wrestling if he could compete internationally.

He said for African Champion Godspower Ikpide, “the time is ripe for me to compete at the international level of the mat sport among the toughest and the roughest in the industry in an effort to seek more laurels.

He added that it will show to the international world that black means Power” boasted the Nigerian wrestler who is dominating the African nation now and who hails from Isoko in Delta State, Nigeria.

He stressed that there is nothing more to fight for at home as there is  No more warriors to conquer.

AIWF recently rated Power Lee 3rd in the group’s world heavyweight ratings and this is a welcome initiative and a way forward development.

“African wrestling has not been truly represented in the world of Wrestling and this is the gospel truth. Power Lee will see to that as a true and bonafide African born and brought up talent” Olukoya concluded.


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