2016 Rio Olympics; NASS members “MAY” miss trip to Brazil

National Assembly 1

There are strong indications that members of the senate and house committee on sports may likely miss the trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics, naijacombatcorner gathered.

It will be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday warned that any sports official who has no business in the Rio Olympics must not travel for the games.

Senate members

Buhari further said “In this regard, any official who has no business at the Games should stay at home to cheer the team from here and if they must travel to the Olympics, they should do so at their own expense.”

According to a source in the sport ministry, in the past, members of the sports committee in the national assembly travel with the national teams to any championship Nigeria attends.

In the past estacode are give to members whether they travel with the team or not, naijacombatcorner gathered.

As it stands due to the dwindling revenue and global economic challenges, the country cannot afford to put their monies on the legislatures instead all those concerned must ensure that funds provided are utilized judiciously.

The chairman senate Committee on Sports is Senator Obinna Ogba with Kabiru Marafa as vice and the House committee chairman on sports is Goni Bukar Lawan with Anayo Nnebeas vice.


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