2016 Rio Olympics: “HOPE” dey for Ajagba in Brazil says Okorodudu

Efe Ajagba

Former African light heavyweight boxing champion, Jerry Okorodudu expressed confidence that Efe Ajagba’s ability to reach the podium at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Nigeria is presenting Ajagba as a only boxer at the Games.

According to Okorodudu, Ajagba should have been taken to Germany or Cuba to enable him to focus more and to prepare better for the Games.

He said that Ajagba’s determination to make an impression, had made him to intensify in his training ahead of the competition.

He also frowned at the timing of disbursing funds for the Olympic-bound team, stressing that the chances of the country to perform well was “very slim.’’

Okorodudu, Nigeria’s sensation at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, U.S., said in Lagos that he was disappointed with the delay in the release of funds for athletes’ preparation.

“Our chances of returning from the Games with medals are very slim considering the time the athletes are setting off for their final preparations.


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